HEART OF THE MIDLANDS Local Federal Coordinating Committee (LFCC)

The LFCC is comprised of local Federal officials from our region. These individuals serve as our campaign’s governing body, providing year-round leadership and governance support to our local campaign.

LFCC Chair

  • Heather Sams

LFCC Vice Chair Eastern

  • Michelle Cox

LFCC Vice Chair West-Secretary

  • Terry Morgan

LFCC Campaign Chair

  • Loren Miller


  • Todd Saylor
  • Rebecca Grossenbacher
  • Diane Zech
  • James Beck
  • Marsha Burmeister
  • Kathryn Claypool
  • Ann Denholm
  • Erin Dempsey
  • Lori Deumier
  • Stacy Graham
  • Brenda Haar
  • Christopher Holbeck
  • Carstin Jerzak
  • Jennifer Carlson
  • Linda Kruger
  • Kim Martini
  • Thomas O'Hara III
  • Keith Reid
  • Stephen Renne
  • Ben Smith
  • Lisa Smith
  • Jen Solsky
  • Shelli Deglman
  • LTC Robert DeJong
  • Steven Udall
  • Charu Stokes-Williams
  • Scott Yancey

HEART OF THE MIDLANDS Outreach Coordinator (OC)

The OC is contracted by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) to conduct marketing, outreach, educations, training, and event coordination for the local campaign.

The HEART OF THE MIDLANDS OC for 2018 is Maguire/ Maguire Inc.

James Kernan
Local Campaign Manager

Ariel Mondlak
Campaign Associate - SD

Mike May
National Executive Director

Jennifer Howard
National Director of Operations